Sunday, March 29, 2009

Super 14 (chiefs news) updated

I am so sorry I have not been able to publish the latest news on the Super 14 for the last 2 weeks. But now you don't have to wait any longer. Two weeks ago the Chiefs played the Blues at Waikato Stadium the game was so exciting with the Chiefs scoring 9 tries (4 of which were scored by Sivivatu) Sivivatu could have secured the bonus point by himself!!! He also broke the record for the most points scored for the Chiefs by one player previously held by Roger Randal. Also Lelia masaga used some pretty stylish dance moves to celebrate his great try. In the end the Chiefs won with an impressive score of 63-34. It was the best rugby match I have ever gone to watch!!! I really hoped they could keep up the great work and guess what? read the second paragraph and you will find out.

One week later the Chiefs were in Brisbane ready to face the Reds. Before 5 minutes had passed there were points on the Chiefs side of the scoreboard. Sivivatu looked like he was going to gain more tries again in this match scoring two tries before he had to leave the field with a wrist injury. This was disappionting as he hurt it whilst attempting to score his second try that was dissalowed and was not even checked by the TMO even though on the replay it was obvious that he grounded it properly!!! Anyway Dwayne Sweeney replaced him, but within 5 minutes of him being on he was sin binned for a stupid attempted tackle on a player who was in the air. The final score was 50-26 to the Chiefs. Just another fact: the Chiefs have reached an outstanding total of 15 tries in their last two matches and placing themselves 3rd on the table!!! Lets hope they can keep it up for the rest of the season.


  1. I'm not that into rugby, but all your posts on your blog are really interesting, please keep posting!!!!!

  2. wow - what an engaging style you have - I can really hear your voice and enthusiasm coming through in your writing.
    Keep it up and you may just be the next great sports writer! Maybe a newspaper or online publication will support you... hang on - this IS an online publication - well done you published author you!
    Next you can work on improving proof reading to make sure your publication is "professional".

    And keep up the positive attitude