Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking forwards in Super 14 (Chiefs)

The tension is building and the big question is: What is going to happen on Saturday when the Chiefs face off against the Lions at Waikato Stadium in the 8th week of Super 14 2009?and can they win for the third week in a row? Well some of you may be thinking it is obvious that the Chiefs are going to win in their current form, but maybe you are wrong. Even though the Lions have only won 2 of their 6 games this season they could leave as the victors this weekend. Even though they are playing at home the Chiefs have one GIANT negative factor going into this game that could set them back and that is: Sivivatu is still not confirmed to be playing this Saturday after his injury from last weeks game (this could be fatal to the Chiefs back line as he has scored 6 of the 15 tries scored by the Chiefs in their last two games, he is also a key component of the Chiefs team.

My prediction is that the Chiefs will win again this week gaining a bonus point too (if they do they will have 7 bonus points this season. The Chiefs are also one of the 3 teams with 6 bonus points at this stage of the tournament along with the Highlanders and the Blues). My reasons for thinking that the Chiefs will win again this week are: They did not look too bad last week once Sivivatu had been replaced with Dwayne Sweeney, they have got their home crowd behind them and the Lions will have been watching how well they have been performing and know they will have to play well in order to beat them, this will give the Chiefs the psycological advantage.

Anyway those are just my thoughts. We will just have to wait and see what really happens on
Saturday but until then feel free to add comments on your views.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Balloons Over Waikato

The Balloons over Waikato event. It has come and gone once again quite quickly. Over the past week us people that live in the Waikato have been lucky enough to witness the beauty of the Hot Air Balloons that fly gracefully over our heads every morning during this wonderful event. The Balloons Over Waikato celebrated it's 10th birthday this year. It is fantastic that they continue to return from all over the world every year bringing their beauty and culture to share with everyone. I really enjoyed the night glow and will continue to go to watch them dazzle in the night every year.

PS: The "Hour Of Power" was also held last saturday while I was at the night glow (the Hour Of Power was when 200 and something cities all over the world turned off their lights for one hour to try and save energy). Luckily it was over before the Chiefs game started. LOL.

My Polls

Thanks to all those people that voted in my previous poll it helped me find out what sports you guys are into. Here are the results: Football came first with 9 votes, In at second place is Rugby with 5 votes and third place was held by cricket with 3 votes.

Once again thankyou all for voting and I hope you vote in my new poll "How do get to and from work/school everyday?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Super 14 (chiefs news) updated

I am so sorry I have not been able to publish the latest news on the Super 14 for the last 2 weeks. But now you don't have to wait any longer. Two weeks ago the Chiefs played the Blues at Waikato Stadium the game was so exciting with the Chiefs scoring 9 tries (4 of which were scored by Sivivatu) Sivivatu could have secured the bonus point by himself!!! He also broke the record for the most points scored for the Chiefs by one player previously held by Roger Randal. Also Lelia masaga used some pretty stylish dance moves to celebrate his great try. In the end the Chiefs won with an impressive score of 63-34. It was the best rugby match I have ever gone to watch!!! I really hoped they could keep up the great work and guess what? read the second paragraph and you will find out.

One week later the Chiefs were in Brisbane ready to face the Reds. Before 5 minutes had passed there were points on the Chiefs side of the scoreboard. Sivivatu looked like he was going to gain more tries again in this match scoring two tries before he had to leave the field with a wrist injury. This was disappionting as he hurt it whilst attempting to score his second try that was dissalowed and was not even checked by the TMO even though on the replay it was obvious that he grounded it properly!!! Anyway Dwayne Sweeney replaced him, but within 5 minutes of him being on he was sin binned for a stupid attempted tackle on a player who was in the air. The final score was 50-26 to the Chiefs. Just another fact: the Chiefs have reached an outstanding total of 15 tries in their last two matches and placing themselves 3rd on the table!!! Lets hope they can keep it up for the rest of the season.

Six nations Outcome

Talk about luck of the Irish but I reckon it wasn't luck just hard work and dedication that won Ireland the Six Nations Grand slam this year. The game was tense before it even started as Wales needed to win by over 14 points to gain the top of the table and come out on top but this never happened. In the end Ireland beat Wales 17-15 and came out with their first grand slam in 67 years!!! France also beating Italy 50-8 and England claiming the win over Scotland 26-12.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Patricks Day

I am so sorry I almost for got one of the most important days of the year for Irishmen, and women St Patricks Day! I hope you all enjoy this cultural holiday and have a blast even if its not your thing raise your Ale to St Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!!! hoooooray!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Latest in Six Nations Rugby

Finally I have been waiting for this moment to come, a proper win for the England rugby team in the weekend Six Natoins match England Vs France. I was so stunned when I found out the score I thought the commentatior had got it mixed up because he not only reported that England had beaten France but they had thrashed them with a final score of England 34-10 France!!!!! I later watched the replay and I was amazed that 5 tries and 1 penalty were scored (one try was scored within the first 2 mins!!!) Also a point I found unusual was that 4 out of Englands 5 tries were scored in the first half and the 5th was scored not long into the second, Plus France scored all their points in the second half and the last 20 mins was left scoreless. What can I say I'm just happy England Won!! YAY but I am still disapionted about Matthew Tait not being selected for the starting 15 instead it was Tindall. :-(

I am so happy but Wales coach Warren Gatland should'nt be as Wales only just came up with a victory against Italy ( and let me remind you Italy have been beaten by every team they have played in this years tournament.) LOL Final score Wales 20-15 Italy.

Scotland played Ireland too Final Score Ireland 22-15 Scotland. Ireland are coming closerto a six nations victory this year and may be able to take the win over origional favorites Wales.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit

The genius designs of the mastermind Leonardo Da Vinci will be on display at the Waikato Museum from the 14th March. The mechanical works of Da Vinci were so amazing as he drew the blueprints for the wing and the engine centuries before they were actually made! At the exhibition there will be interactive working models of his drawings for visitors to explore, everything from war machines to flying machines, nautical and hydraulic machines. I think it will be really cool and maybe you will to?

IRB Sevens Series

I can't believe it the Welsh team has won the sevens world cup (even beating New Zealand)!
This is terrible! I really wanted England to win :-(

Friday, March 6, 2009

Super 14 (chiefs news)

The wins keep on coming! This week against the Highlanders the Chiefs win 14-10 away from home! An impressive performance by the Chiefs this week gives them back to back wins. Mils Muliaina sin binned and De Malmanche not performing to his ability were a few minor infringements but otherwise good. I'm just pleased that the Chiefs won!!!!

The Crusaders beat the force 23 points to 16 to get their tournament back on track after their embarassing loss to the Highlanders last week (that match was the least scored match in super rugby history with the scoreboard at just 6-3).

We will just have to wait for the rest of the results.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My artist

My Artist is Alberto Giacommeti who was born in Stampa Switzerland in 1901.Alberto attended the School of Fine Arts in Geneva. In 1922 he moved to Paris to study sculpting. It was there that Giacometti experimented with cubism and surrealism and came to be regarded as one of the leading surrealist sculptors. Among his associates were Joan MirĂ³, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso and Balthus. I firts saw his work while in an art class at my old school. At first I thought that he had ruined all his hard work by scribbling all over it but when you look deeper it means something it shows all the detail and gives you insight into what the person was feeling. I have posted some pictures of his work for you to appreciate (or not) but I really like this type of art, Although most of his wonderfulworks are quite depressing

My Favorite Rugby Player

hey guys I've just found out how to put pics on my blog so I might as well use it so I am going to add a picture of my favorite Rugby player. His name is Matthew Tait he is the centre for England and the reason he is my favorite player is because he is a very strong tackler and a strong runner with an eye for the ball he is constantly creating space and scoring tries.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sri Lankan shooting

What is the world coming to? As more news of terrorism sweeps the globe about the Sri Lankan shooting. In pakistan as the Sri Lankan Cricket team exit their bus after their first test mach against Pakistan they are shot at by passing civilians.....Or were they? 8 players have been injured and one shot in the chest (now in critical condition) by someone within the group of thoughtless terrorists that has done this. Because of this the second Pakistan/Sri Lanka Test match has been cancelled. I hope the victims recover soon.