Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking forwards in Super 14 (Chiefs)

The tension is building and the big question is: What is going to happen on Saturday when the Chiefs face off against the Lions at Waikato Stadium in the 8th week of Super 14 2009?and can they win for the third week in a row? Well some of you may be thinking it is obvious that the Chiefs are going to win in their current form, but maybe you are wrong. Even though the Lions have only won 2 of their 6 games this season they could leave as the victors this weekend. Even though they are playing at home the Chiefs have one GIANT negative factor going into this game that could set them back and that is: Sivivatu is still not confirmed to be playing this Saturday after his injury from last weeks game (this could be fatal to the Chiefs back line as he has scored 6 of the 15 tries scored by the Chiefs in their last two games, he is also a key component of the Chiefs team.

My prediction is that the Chiefs will win again this week gaining a bonus point too (if they do they will have 7 bonus points this season. The Chiefs are also one of the 3 teams with 6 bonus points at this stage of the tournament along with the Highlanders and the Blues). My reasons for thinking that the Chiefs will win again this week are: They did not look too bad last week once Sivivatu had been replaced with Dwayne Sweeney, they have got their home crowd behind them and the Lions will have been watching how well they have been performing and know they will have to play well in order to beat them, this will give the Chiefs the psycological advantage.

Anyway those are just my thoughts. We will just have to wait and see what really happens on
Saturday but until then feel free to add comments on your views.

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  1. Excellent work, MysteryLad! Very engaging and insightful.
    You could do a bit more research about the Lions to add balance and you can spell "sychology" with a "p" in front of it next time ;-)
    [add it to your word study list for week 10]
    Keep up the great work!