Sunday, March 29, 2009

Six nations Outcome

Talk about luck of the Irish but I reckon it wasn't luck just hard work and dedication that won Ireland the Six Nations Grand slam this year. The game was tense before it even started as Wales needed to win by over 14 points to gain the top of the table and come out on top but this never happened. In the end Ireland beat Wales 17-15 and came out with their first grand slam in 67 years!!! France also beating Italy 50-8 and England claiming the win over Scotland 26-12.


  1. I see New Zealand were knocked out of the sevens quarterfinal in Hong Kong, Losing to KENYA 10-7. I watched it last night :)

  2. Same it was quite amusing (no offence)to watch them beat one of the best sevens teams in the world. New Zealand is not performing as well as expected this year.

  3. You must really like rugby looking @ all your posts