Saturday, February 28, 2009

Six nations results

Wales lose against france ruining their chances of a grand slam and also putting Ireland on top the standings are:

1.Ireland - 6 pts
2.Wales - 4 pts
3.France - 4 pts
4.England - 2 pts
5.Scotland - 2 pts
6.Italy - 0 pts

Super Rugby results

I can't believe it the Chiefs have lost again against the Sharks! With poor refereeing the sharks beat the chiefs. Firstly the sharks's first try (scored by Francoir Steyn) was created by a forward pass this was outragous as the ref was standing right next to the incident! and also consistant killing the ball in the rucks by the sharks forwards with no penaltys given. But refereeing was not the only factor that lost the chiefs the game there was also terrible handling skills by the Chiefs with Kevin o'Neil dropping a text book high ball 2 meters from the goal line with no defenders within 15meters of him and Brendon lenard dropping the ball during a sprint to the line! Delaney had a nightmare too he missed a try because he could not be bothered to get away from the touch line when attempting to score a try as a result he was knocked into touch, this was even worse because he knew we needed the conversion to gain the lead anyway and stephen donald had less chance of scoring a conversion from the touch line than beneath the posts. You would think a super 14 fullback would be able to step a forward to secure a try!!!!!

Final score 15-22 to the SHARKS :-(

A suprising win by the hurricanes against the crusaders has put them third on the table while the Crusaders are 6th

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Battery Farming

A few days ago in class i found out how cruel batteryfarming is I found out that up to 4 chickens are packed into a cage the size of an A4 piece of paper to lay eggs this causes the chickens to scratch and peck eachothers feathers off. What is worse is that the government has been said to have increased the size of the cage by 20% to stay in the voters goodbooks! when actually when you think about it 20% of an a4 sheet of paper is not that much at all.
Something we can all do to help these suffering animals is to always buy freerange eggs. If we don't buy batteryfarmed eggs they won't sell any so there will be no need to keep poor chickens in battery farms any longer!!!!!!!HOORAY!!!!!



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England England England my place of origin but i have something to say about it. My friend, winged hussar has been gloating about wales beating England in the six nations for weeks well what i say is "I don't see new zealand getting in the rugby world cup final two times in a row (2003 when we won and 2007 when we were sadly beaten by those south africans)" :-( but do i really have a valid point?
What I don't understand is why we do so badly at all the sports we invented? I mean we invented Rugby ,Cricket and Tennis and we have the most watched football leauge in the world yet we still manage to have lost in all important internationnal games in the past 2 years... Why?

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Hi my homies

Hi all, i'm just checkinout some people in my classes blogs and they are awsome :-) I'm lovin some of the stories and news you are putting out and it's really cool!!!

Onto another point I've got cricket tommorow and i think i might be the opening batsman
<(~_~)> I really hope we win as we lost last week. The chiefs play the sharks at waikato stadium tommorow too I AM SO THERE it will be great to see them play live for the first time in 2009 I just really hope they pick up their game after the shocking performance last week!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My friends blogs

I've been checkin out peoples blogs and to be honest i think you should post a bit more(some of you) but some blogs i think are great are the other blog by the other boy and blog field resistance by Winged hussar. great work guys!!!!!!!!

Super 14

The super 14s are 2 weeks in and can you believe it the chiefs have lost both their games against the crusaders and the waratahs! I can't believe we get the two finalists from last year in our first 2 opening games and next week we get the sharks! I knew we would lose to the tahs though after a very poor display from the tight five, in fact it was so bad that they have called the All Blacks forward coach in for extra training!!! I hope it pays off as the sharks will not be an easy game next week. :-(

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New school year

We are year 8s now wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im still getting used to some of the new year 7s but they seem cool enough although i still miss some of my friends from last year. We got a cool new teacher Mr Woody an i reacon this year will be great.I'm really lookin forward to havin a great year and getting to know all the year 7s really well but i'm sure i will. Anyway camp is coming up soon and that should help.....lets just wait and see...............

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Rugby is my favorite sport it involves running around a field with a ball. the aim of the game is to get as many points as possible by either touching the ball over the goal line or kicking it over the posts. the game was invented in a place called Rugby in England when a boy called Webb Ellis chose to pick up the ball and run with it in a game of football. Because of this the rugby world cup is called the Webb Ellis Cup after Webb Ellis himself it is played for every four years luckily i got to stand next to it when England won it in 2003 . The world cup has been played 6 times and the winners were NewZealand, Australia, South Africa, Australia again, ENGLAND!!!!!!!!! and most recently by South Africa again BOOOO!!!

My breif discription of rugby is "Rugby is a game played by men with odd shaped balls."TM

Sunday, February 22, 2009

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