Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Latest in Six Nations Rugby

Finally I have been waiting for this moment to come, a proper win for the England rugby team in the weekend Six Natoins match England Vs France. I was so stunned when I found out the score I thought the commentatior had got it mixed up because he not only reported that England had beaten France but they had thrashed them with a final score of England 34-10 France!!!!! I later watched the replay and I was amazed that 5 tries and 1 penalty were scored (one try was scored within the first 2 mins!!!) Also a point I found unusual was that 4 out of Englands 5 tries were scored in the first half and the 5th was scored not long into the second, Plus France scored all their points in the second half and the last 20 mins was left scoreless. What can I say I'm just happy England Won!! YAY but I am still disapionted about Matthew Tait not being selected for the starting 15 instead it was Tindall. :-(

I am so happy but Wales coach Warren Gatland should'nt be as Wales only just came up with a victory against Italy ( and let me remind you Italy have been beaten by every team they have played in this years tournament.) LOL Final score Wales 20-15 Italy.

Scotland played Ireland too Final Score Ireland 22-15 Scotland. Ireland are coming closerto a six nations victory this year and may be able to take the win over origional favorites Wales.


  1. Yes but it was not as close as the Wales game and Wales were playing the weakest team in the six nations this year

  2. u sed warren gatlin - its Warren Gatland.

  3. I know i was going to correct it but my server crashed

  4. man i would like to do like a match and premier league report but i cant do it like you man u do like every bit of detail its crazy good work big ups keep it up

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