Monday, March 30, 2009

The Balloons Over Waikato

The Balloons over Waikato event. It has come and gone once again quite quickly. Over the past week us people that live in the Waikato have been lucky enough to witness the beauty of the Hot Air Balloons that fly gracefully over our heads every morning during this wonderful event. The Balloons Over Waikato celebrated it's 10th birthday this year. It is fantastic that they continue to return from all over the world every year bringing their beauty and culture to share with everyone. I really enjoyed the night glow and will continue to go to watch them dazzle in the night every year.

PS: The "Hour Of Power" was also held last saturday while I was at the night glow (the Hour Of Power was when 200 and something cities all over the world turned off their lights for one hour to try and save energy). Luckily it was over before the Chiefs game started. LOL.


  1. I thought the hour of power was called Earth Hour? Or was that something else?