Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What I Aspire To Be In 10 Years

I have many dreams and aspirations but what I really love is my Rugby I would really love to play for he All Blacks or England some day. However I really want to be successful after my days of Rugby are over or if I never make it that far to be doing it as a living. I want to either be a scientist or a doctor something that earns well, I plan to go to Oxford or Cambridge University in England. I wish to get a degree in Physics so I can become a Physician and work with numbers and discover new things about the universe. To help my chances I will be choosing to study these subjects all through my time at school from High school until I end Uni'.

But moving back to my dream of becoming a professional Rugby player I will continue to train hard and work my way up slowly from premier A's level to provincial to English league or New Zealand Super 14. Hopefully from there I will be able to play for their International teams. Even if I do not succeed at Rugby I will always play my spare time for a club. Hey isn't it about enjoying the game?

However I understand to do all these things I will have to work hard at school and play hard but fair on the Rugby field.