Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Rugby results

I can't believe it the Chiefs have lost again against the Sharks! With poor refereeing the sharks beat the chiefs. Firstly the sharks's first try (scored by Francoir Steyn) was created by a forward pass this was outragous as the ref was standing right next to the incident! and also consistant killing the ball in the rucks by the sharks forwards with no penaltys given. But refereeing was not the only factor that lost the chiefs the game there was also terrible handling skills by the Chiefs with Kevin o'Neil dropping a text book high ball 2 meters from the goal line with no defenders within 15meters of him and Brendon lenard dropping the ball during a sprint to the line! Delaney had a nightmare too he missed a try because he could not be bothered to get away from the touch line when attempting to score a try as a result he was knocked into touch, this was even worse because he knew we needed the conversion to gain the lead anyway and stephen donald had less chance of scoring a conversion from the touch line than beneath the posts. You would think a super 14 fullback would be able to step a forward to secure a try!!!!!

Final score 15-22 to the SHARKS :-(

A suprising win by the hurricanes against the crusaders has put them third on the table while the Crusaders are 6th


  1. I can believe it
    TMO denied 3 tries though. (chiefs)

  2. This is an entertaining and informative report. I enjoyed being filled in on a game I missed. Great detail delivered in a readable style.
    My only complaint is the incorrect punctuation and spelling in places.
    Reporters do need to get these things right.
    Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for your feedback everyone

  4. Hello. Is Daniel Carter in the Crusaders???

  5. No Daniel Carter went to a French club to earn more money and he will be out of action for 6 months anyway with a snapped achillies tendon.

  6. perpignan

    pronounced perp-in-yong or sumin close