Thursday, February 26, 2009


England England England my place of origin but i have something to say about it. My friend, winged hussar has been gloating about wales beating England in the six nations for weeks well what i say is "I don't see new zealand getting in the rugby world cup final two times in a row (2003 when we won and 2007 when we were sadly beaten by those south africans)" :-( but do i really have a valid point?
What I don't understand is why we do so badly at all the sports we invented? I mean we invented Rugby ,Cricket and Tennis and we have the most watched football leauge in the world yet we still manage to have lost in all important internationnal games in the past 2 years... Why?

comment and have your say.

Thankyou MYSTERYMAN!!!!!


  1. New zealands good at rugby, they just crumble under pressure. thats why the won 1987, no one knew what to expect

  2. Good answer but maybe you should learn to cope with the pressure to be more successful!


  3. The All Blacks do not suck as they win the tri nations almost every year

  4. LoL

    Tri nations tally
    New Zealand 9
    Australia 2
    South Africa 2
    They can't cope with pressure cos europe keeps stealing our best players and the rookies are sent to the world cup with stuff all experience.

    Thats one advantage the northen hemisphere has yet the score at world cup remains
    South 5
    North 2

  5. Yes England are the only team in the northern hemisphere to have won the world cup. You may not believe it but only 4 teams have ever won the rugby world cup!

    It is also amazing how the All Blacks win the Tri Nations almost every year but are the team in the Tri Nations with the least world cup wins!

  6. your not the only ones who lost to those south africans in a world cup final

  7. I hate it when south africans win against teams I like