Saturday, February 28, 2009

Six nations results

Wales lose against france ruining their chances of a grand slam and also putting Ireland on top the standings are:

1.Ireland - 6 pts
2.Wales - 4 pts
3.France - 4 pts
4.England - 2 pts
5.Scotland - 2 pts
6.Italy - 0 pts


  1. meh.

    funny how you mention how wales lost to france first, saying nothing but scotland beating italy 26-6 and ireland beating england 14-13...

  2. I raised the biggest news as Wales are the favorites this year I posted news about them dropping to second but I guess Scotland did very well against Italy to get that score yet they remain 5th. The game between England and Ireland was very close but it was enough to put England back into 4th and bump the irish to 1st.

  3. Hello. just a simple tip. you no the world doesn't just have rugby in it it has other stuff aswell. haha. maybe you should post other things that you have interest in so other people can relate to it haha.


    P.S. i voted on your Poll haha